Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Making Moondance

This is a time lapsed video that I recorded
while making Moondance. The real time of
the video is 60 minutes.


jblack designs said...

How cool is that? I'd love to see a longer video, too.

And what a relief it is to see that your desk space becomes the unbelieveable mess mine does! ;-)



thanks j!!
i was just visiting your blog.

my studio goes through repeated cycles of order and disorder.

robin said...

I like it! I want it to go slower, though. (^_^)

Mess = good work.

kc said...

i think you're a genius.

Mizu Sugimura said...

Robin certainly hit it on the head!

Mess is equal to good work. And should you ever desire a more dressed-up way to say the same thing
back when Asian-inspired calligraphy flew into the chain stores as a decorative trend a few seasons ago, a friend bought me a framed plaque which states chaos is where great dreams begin. Either way, I'd say truth and beauty are equally served!

Keep up the wonderful work. I always enjoy visiting!